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Animated Solar System for Unity

This project contains an animated solar system with the sun, the moon and the following planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. They are also available as separate prefabs. The solar system is easily configurable: The global rotation speed of the system, the rotation speed of each planet around itself and around the sun, show/hide the planets paths, show/hide the planets names. The solar system and the planets are very suitable for augmented reality and virtual reality scenes, educational games or simulations, on PCs or mobile apps. All the planets come with realistic (but not big) textures. The sun comes with an animated texture and a particle system too. The package comes with a complete preview scene with animations (planets orbiting around the sun), show any planet information when clicked (Dynamically read from txt files - easy to modify), animation speed slider, show/hide toggles, space sound, and a sound on/off toggle. The planets' names always look at the camera. The package also contains a pdf user guide on how to use this asset.